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  • Lidia Woźniak

    Lidia Woźniak

  • Johan Salo

    Johan Salo

    Digital media researcher and UX designer with a background in the media industry creating start-ups

  • Prayas Abhinav

    Prayas Abhinav

    I am a teacher and an entrepreneur. I have worked with brands to formulate their digital strategies, social media campaigns and brand messaging.

  • Sarah Pennington

    Sarah Pennington

    Interaction Design Research & Design Curation

  • Vandana Sathpathy

    Vandana Sathpathy

  • tobto


    #AbstractArt #VisualIdentity #Design #FreeJazz #Zen #IDM #WebDev #Future

  • Keerthi Kiran

    Keerthi Kiran

    Intern @Nest. Current MBA @Duke. Ex-Jhola, Still Kurta.

  • Dharmesh Ba

    Dharmesh Ba

    Building @D91Labs, Design lead @setu. NID alumnus, ex-Cleartax. All things fintech.

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