Secure your Home IoT Devices with the CryptoCrochet-Key

The first image shows a hacker news website featuring my CryptoCrochet-Key project. The article states “Anuradha Reddy’s CryptoCrochet-Key Gives You a Unique, Huggable Security Token for Home IoT.” The second image on the top right is the software application called ‘Teachable Machine’ where I’m training the Machine to learn how my crochet key looks using my computer webcam. The third image on the bottom right is a picture of my hand with the key testing on a Raspberry Pi computer.

Part 1: The Crochet Key

Making the Key

The Doughnut

Alt text pattern for the doughnut: Row 1 — Chain 13, slip stitch to the first chain to form a circle (continued)
Row 2–1sc x 13; Row 3–2sc x 13; Row 4–2sc, 1sc x 13. Cut and weave in yarn (continued)
Row 5 — (back to Row 1) 1sc x 13; Row 6–2sc x 13; Row 7–2sc, 1sc x 13.

The Long leg and Two Short Legs

Make a second short leg and place it next to the first with a slight gap between them (to resemble a key). Ta-da!

Part 2: Teaching the Machine to Recognize Your Key

Screenshot of the interface of Teachable Machine’s Image Project (

Part 3: CryptoCrochet-Key on a Raspberry Pi 4 with TensorFlow

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Researcher, designer, crafter of things

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Anuradha Reddy

Anuradha Reddy

Researcher, designer, crafter of things

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