Are you frustrated by complicated home security solutions requiring all manner of smart IoT devices with big-brother-y fingerprint/facial recognition tech, when all you want is a simple key to secure your home?

In a brave new world of quantum encryption, cryptocurrencies and NFT transactions, the concept of a ‘key’ is evermore abstracted by mathematical calculations when compared to the flat metal items we store in our pockets and purses. While digitally encrypted keys can make transactions relatively secure—like receiving an email, ordering a pizza, or dis/arming your home, they are still cryptic devices for those of us who are not…

“I remember I had a resistor stuck in my heel when I walked barefoot … stuff just kept flying around my apartment.” — Laura Kampf, Youtuber/Maker (Bricolage podcast, 15th December, 2017)

While working on a project, do you find loose resistors lying about willy-nilly (or for that matter any leggy electronic component) and you fancied a temporary pad or holder so you could access them quickly and safely? As someone who recently began sewing and crocheting, I recognized a similar problem with pins and needles. But in the yarn world, we have a solution for that — pin cushions! I…

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Things having ethics?
When people talk about ethics, they are usually addressing ethics in and between humans — to cause no harm to one another, to be polite, to respect one another, to not cross boundaries etc. However, people rarely think about ‘things’ having ethics in them. For instance, consider a non-human thing as mundane as a door. While on the one hand, its purpose is to keep us safe from external harm, but on the other, it brings about the need for polite behaviours such as knocking before entering and being respectful of one’s space and privacy.

As smart…

These days I come across a number of news articles about racism, poverty, surveillance, extremism, exploitation, sexual harassment and climate change, and they worry me as much as, I assume, every other designer who thinks they have a part in making our world a better place. What gives me, a trained designer, the idea to think I alone can make a difference? A difference that cannot come from being a farmer, a businesswoman, an analyst, a programmer, a banker or a journalist? What is in a designer? Who is a designer?

As a doctoral research candidate in design, I have…

Anuradha Reddy

Researcher, designer, crafter of things

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